Coullaud & Koulinksy, Paris, Solo Exhibition, January 2014

All works are charcoal on paper unless otherwise noted.

My drawings are, essentially, collages. I take elements from snapshots, isolate them, and then recombine them with items from other photographs. There is quite literally a “cut and paste” aspect to the development of my images but the disparate elements are knit together through the technique of drawing. This is what creates the sense of disquiet in my work.
I read a quote by the critic Harold Rosenberg recently that speaks to the power of collage. I’ll let him have the last word: “The mingling of object and image in collage, of given fact and conscious artifice, corresponds to the illusion-producing processes of contemporary civilization. In advertisements, news stories, films, and political campaigns, lumps of unassailable data are implanted in preconceived formats in order to make the entire fabrication credible. …Twentieth-century fictions are rarely made up of the whole cloth, perhaps because the public has been trained to have faith in ‘information.’ Collage is the primary formula of the aesthetics of mystification developed in our time.”